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Refreshing, no-more-body-odour body wash (Rosehip + Citric Acid + Squalane)

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Do more of what you want - Commute,run, play & get sweaty because this body wash deep cleanses and hydrates skin, eliminates body odour and energizes you all at once.

Made with skin soothing and moisturising ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Extract, and Squalane, this body wash will revitalise & reboot your body even after the most challenging of workout and leave you smelling like even better thanks to a combination of non-synethtic Bergamot & Mint.

It also has Citric acid to clear dead and rough skin build up, regulate oil and thus acne as well as soothe any form of redness or rashes.

Made for:  

Active lifestyle in the traditional sense aka sports and gym.

Modern active lifestyle for daily athletes who are pro at catching crazy crowded metros, chasing the taxi, running & grabbing a table in a crowded restaurant.

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What is it good for?

  • brightening
  • refreshing
  • soothing
  • eliminates body odour
  • hydrates
  • skin clarifying
  • calming

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The miracle is in the molecules.

Here’s how ingredients work together to give amazing results:

1. Soothing & Calming:
Squalane: If you are among the people who suffer from itchiness post workout or skin redness, then squalane is blessing for you. It absorbs easily and doesn’t disturb the skin’s pH resulting in a more balanced & less irritated skin. We all know how calming & moisturising Coconut extract is, it makes the dryness & itchiness go away while also reducing friction & chafing. Both these ingredients also give relief from that burning sensation since they have calming & soothing properties.

2. Clearing dead skin build up:
Citric Acid is a type of AHA that has a great exfoliating power that works to remove dead skin, reveal clearer skin & fight off skin pigmentation. It also work as anti-oxidant and avert damage caused by free radicals.

3. Reduces body acne:
Rosehip extract is anti-inflammatory in nature, so it calms down the redness and itchiness of the chaffed/scratched/compromised skin. It helps reduce your inflammatory acne, get rid of acne scars, and clear your skin. It works to repair & brighten the skin.

Scented with non-synethetic Bergamot & Mint

Texture: Lightweight Foaming Gel

Ideal for: Commuters, Gym folks, newbies & pro athletes and basically anyone who runs around in their day!

Take a generous amount and apply it all over your body until it lathers. Wash off with water. Follow i up with Acne Resolution anti acne spray on areas prone to acne and On Active body brightening cream.

Use daily for best results.

Do a patch test before beginning use.

1. Who can use Reboot body wash?

Essentially anyone can use Reboot body wash. Its suited for use by both men and women, and anyone with any sort of activity level. It is highly recommended for people who engage in daily physical activities.

2. Can I use it on the face?

It can be used on face skin which is not very sensitive or delicate as the actives used are potent to address the concerns for body skin. If you do decide to use it on facial pigmentation please do a patch test first.