Miracules is a 100% Plastic Positive brand

In Fact, We Care About Sustainability As Much As We Care About Providing Top-Notch High-Performance Body CareThis is how we did it !

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  • What Is Plastic Positivity?

    When a brand offsets its plastic footprint by recycling the same amount of plastic that it uses in its packaging, it becomes plastic neutral. Thus, creating a perfect environmental balance ⚖. But, we decided to take it one step further to become Plastic Positive, which is achieved by recycling an extra amount of plastic than we annually generate. We just like going that extra mile for our earth :)

  • How Did We Become Plastic Positive?

    The Disposal Company enabled us to offset our plastic footprint. For every kg of plastic we use in our packaging, The Disposal Company recovers and recycles an equivalent amount of nature-bound plastic waste. And by offsetting more plastic waste than we generate, we turn plastic positive!

  • What Are The Benefits of Going Plastic Positive?

    A humble investment made today creates the foundation for a better and more significant future. A plastic-positive system encourages the recycling of low-value plastics, develops waste management infrastructure, empowers the rag-picking community, and motivates brands to take responsibility for their plastic waste.

  • What Is The Proof of Sustainability?

    The Disposal Company offers the Seal of SustainabilityTM certification, the industry benchmark for plastic-positive brands. The Seal of Sustainability serves as proof of our sustainable efforts for our consumers.