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Sweaty Body Bundle

Acne Resolution + Reboot

The duo you need to clear body acne & keep smelling fresh.

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Smooth Serve Bundle

Acne Resolution + On Active Duty + Reboot Body Wash

Total active body care. Prevent ingrown hair, fight acne, smoothen out chicken skin & always smell fresh.

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Outdoors Lover Bundle

On Active Duty Body Brightening Cream + Reboot Body Wash

Reduce tanning, and smoothen out rough & bumpy skin. Must-have duo for the lover of the outdoors.

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Fitness Pro Bundle

Pro Bright Lightening Cream + Acne Resolution Spray + Reboot Body Wash

Don’t hide stubborn pigmentation & body acne, clear it. For those who like to play hard!

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No-Compromise Bundle

ProBright Lightening Cream + Reboot Body Wash

Dark knees, elbows neck etc shouldn’t get in the way. Wear what you like & move how look without worrying about pigmentation.

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Meet the team Miracules:

Miracules (Miracle Molecules) is India’s first body care line for an everyday active lifestyle. To us, nothing is more thrilling than going after our pursuits. We believe that everyone should be able to move & play how they want.

We are all living in a fast-paced world where we are constantly rushing from one thing to another. This is what inspired us to create a brand that can help people live a healthy, active lifestyle and make their everyday … Miraculous!

And that’s how we created Miracule - products that work for your body through whatever you are pursuing today.