Dr. Farhat Daud

Dr. Farhat Daud comes with a highly distinguished background with a Doctorate in Cosmetic Technology, 25+ years in Formulation Design Research and Development, and being a leading educator & academicianin the field of Cosmetics & Skincare. She has several research papers published in reputed journals and has several research projects & presentations to her credit in National and International Research Journals and Magazines. She has been awarded several times with 'Best Scientific Research Paper' in conferences. She currently also runs her own practise, helping her clients address their specific concerns related to skincare, body care and haircare. We are extremely fortunate to have her lead our product development process from day 0, helping us realize this ambitious vision of launching India’s first high performance body care line for Active Lifestyle. She is well and truly miracules !

Saumya Khullar

Saumya is a qualified sports scientist, performance nutritionist with over 8+years of experience working in India, USA and now in the UK sports and health industry. She spent the last four years working in a multi-disciplinary high-performance environment as an Athlete Performance Health Lead at IIS, JSW Sports and Sports Authority of India as the Lead Exercise Physiologist working with both Olympic level and grassroot level athletes. She also initiated the Female Athlete Support Project, a pioneering initiative in India that got acknowledged and published in various Indian national publications. She enjoys working with athletes and the general population to support them through their fitness journey while building a solid foundation of training and recovery. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to join us in this journey towards our mission to ‘Inspire to move’ 1 million Indians. A true Rockstar !